Pizza is one of the most beloved and appreciated dishes around the world, but not everyone knows that the secret of a truly outstanding pizza lies in the slow rising of the dough. La
Pizzeria Da Michele in Mestre
adopts this method for all its eateries (on-site, takeout, delivery, etc.), in addition to the
stone-ground flour
. In addition, Michele shows the entire pizza-making process to his customers thanks to the open kitchen. Let’s find out together why this technique is so important and how it can drastically improve the quality and digestibility of our favorite pizza.

The Process of Slow Leavening

Slow rising is a process that allows the dough of the pizza to develop a more intense flavor and a soft, crisp texture. This occurs because during slow rising, yeasts have time to slowly transform complex sugars into simple sugars and amino acids, making the dough more digestible and richer in flavor.

The Role of Time

Time is the key element in slow rising. While quick rising may take only a few hours, slow rising can take as long as 12-72 hours. This lengthy process allows the dough to develop a stronger gluten-en structure and greater water absorption capacity, resulting in a lighter, more digestible pizza.

Maturation in the refrigerator

Slow rising takes place in the refrigerator, at temperatures between 2 and 4 degrees. This slows down the rising process, allowing the dough to mature more slowly and evenly. In addition, the low temperature helps preserve flavors and nutrients, further improving the taste and digestibility of the pizza.

The Benefits of Slow Leavening

Slow rising offers numerous advantages for both the pizza maker and the end consumer. Let’s look at the main ones:

Better taste and texture

Slowly matured dough develops a more intense and complex flavor, with deeper aromatic notes and a softer, crisper texture. This makes the pizza definitely more palatable and satisfying.

Increased digestibility

Due to the slow processing of complex sugars and proteins, pizza is much lighter and easier to digest than pizza made with a quick rise. This means less digestive upset and more well-being for the consumer.

Versatility of ingredients

Slow rising allows a wide range of flours, including whole wheat or durum wheat, to be used without compromising the quality of the final product. This allows pizza makers to experiment with different combinations of ingredients, resulting in unique and surprising gourmet pizzas.

Ease of preparation

Surprisingly, slow-rising pizza is also very easy to make at home. The dough can be made easily and stored in the refrigerator until baking time, allowing anyone to enjoy a delicious homemade pizza whenever they wish.

Case History: The slow rise of Pizzeria Da Michele in Mestre

An example of excellence in slow rising is Pizzeria Da Michele in Mestre. Here, master pizza makers devote great attention to the dough, letting it rise slowly for 12 to 72 hours before baking. This process gives their pizzas a unique flavor, irresistible texture and extraordinary digestibility, attracting customers from all over the world.

The Secret of Pizzeria Da Michele

The secret of Pizzeria Da Michele lies in the careful choice of flours and the pizzaioli’s skill in handling the entire leavening process. Thanks to this artisanal and respectful approach to tradition, their pizzas have become a veritable benchmark for lovers of quality pizza.

The importance of slow rising for Michele

For Michele, slow rising is an essential element in ensuring the excellence of his pizzas. This process, which requires patience and expertise, results in pizza with an authentic taste, perfect texture, and extraordinary digestibility, making it a unique experience for their customers.

Slow rising, therefore, is one of the secrets to truly unforgettable pizzas. Through this process, the dough develops a more intense flavor, better texture, and greater versatility in ingredients, all without compromising digestibility. Pizzerias such as Pizzeria Da Michele in Mestre have been able to make the most of this technique, becoming a benchmark for lovers of quality pizza.