The take-out pizzerias of Michele’s Pizzerias in Mestre offer a unique and unforgettable dining experience. Born out of Michele’s passion and dedication, these pizzerias stand out for their focus on high-quality products, artisanal care in preparation, and attentive, professional service. Come and discover the Italian pizza-making tradition, directly to your home or to be picked up on the spot.

The Evolution of Michele’s Takeaway Pizzerias, in Mestre.

In 2013, Michele, with determination and overwhelming passion, decided to transform the workshop on Via Cappuccina into a take-out pizzeria open to the public. With love and care, he added 10 small tables to offer customers the opportunity to enjoy pizza right on the spot, served on rustic wooden cutting boards. This transformation reflected his desire to share not only his extraordinary pizza but also an authentic and welcoming experience with every guest who crossed the threshold of his pizzeria.

Michele wanted to prove (and succeeded) that take-out pizzerias were not of a lower standard than those eaten at the table. In addition, Michele puts the entire staff of his pizzerias on display to show the order, professionalism, quality, and service with which pizzas are delivered through takeout.

Caneve Street’s Takeout and Delivery Pizzeria

In 2016, faced with an ever-increasing wave of demand for his delicious pizzas, Michele made a bold decision: to open a take-out pizzeria on Caneve Street. This new store became the beating heart that would distribute the love and taste of his creations throughout the area. However, shortly after the opening, the street of Via Caneve was closed due to tramway work, turning the area into a notorious place for crime and decay.

Despite the difficulties and the fact that the pizzeria was intended only for home delivery services, loyal customers flocked to the location to enjoy pizzas right on the spot.

This take-out pizzeria was not just a logistics center, but a haven of authenticity where Michele’s passion turned every bite into an extraordinary experience. Even amidst adversity, his pizza continued to be a beacon of joy and goodness for the local community.

The Takeaway and Delivery Pizzeria on San Donà Street

In 2019, from Michele’s idea, a new reality was born: the take-out pizzeria on San Donà Street. Here, the tradition of pizza is blended with a modern and elegant environment, creating a unique and unforgettable dining experience.

The Takeaway and Delivery Pizzeria on Ca’ Marcello Street

Also in 2019, Michele opened another take-out pizzeria, this time on Ca’ Marcello Street. Here, the authenticity of pizza is combined with a warm and welcoming atmosphere, offering customers a place to enjoy its creations in a familiar and refined setting.

Michele’s mission remains steadfast in his heart: to take care of his customers, ensuring utmost precision and professionalism at all times, whether they decide to delight themselves at his establishments or when they prefer to take home a piece of his culinary world.

Innovation and technology in the service of tradition

The Pizzerie da Michele App

To make the ordering experience even easier and more convenient, Michele has developed aapp dedicated to all of his group’s takeout and delivery pizzerias.. Through this tool, customers can easily select their favorite dishes, place their order, and choose between on-site pickup or home delivery.

Delivery services

Pizzerie da Michele’s takeout and delivery pizzerias in Mestre offer fast and reliable delivery service, ensuring that their delicious creations arrive fresh and mouthwatering directly to customers’ homes. With the use of qualified personnel and appropriate means of transportation, each order is delivered with the utmost care and attention.

The Impeccable Organization

Attention to detail and organizational efficiency are key features of Pizzerie da Michele’s takeout pizzerias. Every step, from preparation to delivery, is handled with professionalism and precision to provide customers with a smooth shopping experience. Michele uses his own poni for pizza delivery.

The secrets of quality

Use of fresh, high-quality ingredients

Underlying the success of Pizzerie da Michele’s takeout pizzerias is Michele’s commitment to selecting only the best, fresh, high-quality ingredients. From flour for the dough to tomato sauce, from the sourdough to slow rising, each element is carefully chosen and seasoned to create intense flavors and hearty pizzas.

Every pizza at Pizzerie da Michele’s takeout pizzerias is the result of careful and meticulous craftsmanship. From rolling out the dough to arranging the toppings, each step is executed with care and passion to ensure a crisp texture and unforgettable taste.

Behind every pizza is the passion and dedication of Michele, who has turned his dream into reality. Every bite of these extraordinary creations tells a story of tradition and commitment, a tribute to the beauty of Italian cuisine and the strength of a man who was able to achieve his goals.

Comprehensive Experience of Pizza Parlours

Pizzerie da Michele’s takeout pizzerias in Mestre offer more than just pizza delivery. Crossing the threshold, customers find themselves immersed in a warm and familiar atmosphere, enhanced by thoughtful furnishing details and a welcoming aesthetic. The staff at Pizzerie da Michele’s takeout pizzerias are distinguished by their attention to detail and professionalism in serving customers. Every interaction is characterized by kindness, efficiency, and a constant concern for customer satisfaction.

For those who prefer to enjoy Pizzerie da Michele’s delicious pizzas in the comfort of their own homes, take-out pizzerias offer fast and reliable delivery service. Thanks to impeccable organization, every order arrives fresh and appetizing, keeping the quality and taste of Michele’s creations intact.

Pizzerie da Michele’s takeout pizzerias in Mestre are more than just pizza pickup locations. These are places where Michele’s passion and dedication come together to offer a unique and unforgettable dining experience. Whether you choose to pick up his creations right on the spot or order them for your pleasure at home, you will always be warmly welcomed, professionally served, and delighted by authentic, wholesome flavors. Come and discover the best of the Italian pizza-making tradition, directly in Mestre.